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I’ve Gone Giveaway Crazy!

19 Jan

A good friend of mine contacted me and asked me if I wanted to do a giveaway for her blog.  I said “Yes Please!”  So we set it up, and in less than 8 hours, we had it up and running!  I will be giving away 3 custom designed photo cards to 3 lucky winners (1 card per winner).  They can be anything the winner chooses and entry is as simple as going to my website and selecting something you really like!  There are also 6 additional ways to enter!  Thats 7 chances to get your name in the draw for 3 prizes!

How do you win?  The first step is to visit my friend’s blog. Then follow the directions to enter your name in the giveaway!  It’s easy, I promise.

PS.  I’m doing my own giveaway on twitter, so if you don’t already follow me on twitter, come and join me.  I’ll be giving away a photo card when I reach 150 followers!  And from the looks of it, that’s soon!


New Product: DIY Placecards

16 Jan

I said I had everything to meet your wedding stationary needs.  Well, almost everything.  I have added one more thing to my list.  I have created do-it-yourself place cards that co-ordinate with our wedding invitations.  When you order these place cards, you will receive a Word document with a place card template on it and your chosen design, enough for 120 guests.  If you need more, just let us know and we can create a few more pages at no extra cost.  Text boxes are in place and ready for you to type in your guests names.  All you need to do is type in the names and print the place cards on some neutral coloured cardstock.  Place cards can be added to your Wedding Package for $5 or purchased individually for $10.

Website is Back Up! AND I Have New Products to Announce!

15 Jan

I’ve been a busy beaver.  No I haven’t finished my Animal Alphabet, but it’s coming, I promise.  I’ve been busy creating two new products.  I will introduce the first one today, but you’ll have to wait for the second one!

Wedding Package!

What’s that?  I have created a variety of wedding stationary for your special day.  Each wedding package includes co-ordinating Save the Date Cards (4×6), Wedding Invitations (5×7), RSVP Cards (4×6), Map Cards (4×6) and Menu Cards (5×7) all for one low price.  Each card is designed so it is easy for you to print at your favourite photo print shop.  There are many designs to choose from.  I can change the colour and font of your chosen design to match your theme, or I can create something completely new so you get the perfect invitations for your special day.

Wedding Packages are just $45.00 for all 5 custom designed cards. You may be asking “How much would my wedding stationary cost?”  The cost would vary depending on where you choose to do your printing.  For example, the average printing costs at your local supermarket or department store is $0.19 per print for 4×6 and $0.30 for 5×7.  So for all 4 wedding cards, it would cost $0.90 per invitation.  If you had 100 guests, you would need 50 invitations.  The printing costs for 100 guests would be $45.00.  You would probably only need 25 menu cards, so the menu cards would cost $7.50. The total cost for all your wedding stationary would be under $100!

Visit my website to see all available designs.  And keep on the lookout for do-it-yourself Place Cards coming soon!

Mompreneurs: Jenna Bee’s Creations

14 Jan

I met Jenna through a website called The Bump.  A whole group of us got along so well, that we became fast Facebook friends and talk nearly every day.  She has a baby the same age as mine and she’s also a very creative individual.  Jenna creates adorable, handmade mobiles for nurseries.  I had the opportunity to talk with Jenna about her passion and how she got started in Jenna Bee’s Creations.

Why did you start your business?

August 2010 is when I really started trying to turn this hobby of mine into a business. I realized how much I loved working with paper. I made a mobile for my daughter’s nursery and just enjoyed it so much. So I opened a shop on Etsy hoping people would buy them and give me an excuse to keep making them!

What inspires you?

The natural color schemes that present themselves outside my window on a daily basis are what inspire me. In my opinion, nature has a way of coordinating the most attractive color schemes.

What is your favourite product?

Currently, my favorite product is the Rising Sun mobile. It hasn’t sold yet, so it’s still hanging in my workroom and I find myself staring at it often. The colors are just so beautiful!

Do you have advice for other mompreneurs?

My advice for other mompreneurs is to simply find something you love doing and that you’re good at and don’t give up on it!

You can find Jenna and Jenna Bee’s Creations on Etsy at

Mompreneurs: Sweet Stella’s

13 Jan

A long time ago, before the earth … scratch that, before the baby was born, I was busy trying to create birth announcements for my little one.  It helped that I had a friend who was also pregnant and looking for birth announcements of her own.  Well, this little hobby turned into an obsession, and eventually into a business idea.  How did I get this business idea?  One person: Shannon at Sweet Stella’s.  She is an amazingly supportive friend and a great mommy, and now, she’s ventured out on her own to create Sweet Stella’s.  Sweet Stella’s is a place for creative, handmade gifts such as ornaments, piggy banks and tooth fairy boxes.  Shannon is venturing further and stepping her toes into decor and party accessories.  I had the opportunity the other day to chat with Shannon about Sweet Stella’s and what it means to her.

1.  Why did you start Sweet Stella’s?
I started Sweet Stella’s primarily for a creative outlet for my overactive imagination…and a desire to not return to work once my maternity leave is over. It has grown by leaps and bouds…starting with one painted glass ornament into a full kids line and our new party line.
2.  What inspires you?
Ooooh…very good question! I find inspiration in the simplest of places. My kiddo’s super-cute shoes, patterned paper, old Gothic architecture…and in conversation with amazing people. Just tonight, I sat with an amazing woman for three hours chatting and dreaming – and I have ideas that will take me well into next year! You don’t have to look too hard to find inspiration, and if you are looknig too hard, you just might miss the simplest ones!
3.  What is your favourite product?
My favourtie product, by far, are the Personal Piggy’s. Each one is different and I love the challenge that some parents give when they describe their kiddos to me. Every pig has a story, and a home, which makes making them such a delight.
4.  Do you have advice for other mompreneurs?
I’ve been asked this time and again over the past few months, and the number one piece of advice that I have is never let anyone tell you what you can’t. If you listen to every can’t, you’re going to believe that you can’t. Tell yourself that you absolutely, without a doubt, CAN and then do it.
Shannon from Sweet Stella’s can be found on twitter, on her blog, on her website and even on Facebook!

Website Under Contstruction…Again.

12 Jan

I have finally upgraded my website and am slowly undertaking the process of updating it so ALL of my cards are displayed and ready to purchase.  Well, that process just got a bit longer, ok a LOT longer.  I somehow managed to delete my ENTIRE gallery.  So if you’re looking at my website and noticing no pictures, there’s a good reason for it.  I promise to have it back to working order next week.  In the meantime, I promise to have some exciting posts.  I won’t say what, but I think you’ll like it.  Stay tuned.

And there’s MORE!

12 Jan

I got a little carried away with the Kid’s Valentines cards.  They were so fun to make.  Here are some more of my creations.  You can see all of them on my Facebook page in the Holiday Album, or in Ready Made Cards on this blog.  I’m also in the process of updating my website, stay tuned.