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New Custom Designed Photo Cards

27 Nov

I’ve added a few more custom designed photo cards to my catalogue.  For a full preview, visit my facebook fan page.  Here is a sneak peak.

Don’t forget to get your order in by December 1 to take advantage of special pricing.  You can order through my website, or simply email me at  Have a unique idea you’d like to see realized?  I can help you come up with your dream Christmas card for your family.


Tutorial # 4: Paper Ornaments

15 Nov

Mastered glass ornaments yet?  Try paper ornaments.  Still pretty simple to make, but a little fussier to put together.  They look great in the end.


-Patterned paper
-Paper Trimmer
-Hole Punch (I used my Cropadile)

Step 1:  Cut 20 strips of paper 4 1/2″ x 1/2″.  This is approximate.  I used leftovers so they were almost 5 inches.  As long as it’s consistent, it should be fine.

Step 2:  Gather all the strips of paper into one pile and hole punch both ends.  I was able to get through all 20 sheets with my Cropadile, but you might need to split it into batches depending on your hole punch.

Step 4: Cut a piece of ribbon approximately 12″ long.  Tie a knot in one end of your ribbon and thread the other end through all 20 strips of paper (make sure the knot is big enough so it won’t slip through the hole in the paper).  It’s easiest if you line all the strips up and use a needle to line all the holes up.  Then thread the ribbon through the hole in the other end of the paper.

Step 5:  After threading the ribbon through both sides of the paper, tie a knot approximately 2″ from the bottom (you could make it less and the ornament would be fatter, more and it would be thinner).  Tie a loop in the ribbon for hanging.

Step 6:  Fan out all the paper to fill in the sides of the ornament.  This is the fiddly part and they don’t always like to stay where you put them, but it’s not hard to fix.  Enjoy!  You can even mix it up by using two different patterned papers and alternating the designs.

Tutorial #3: Ornaments. Glitter without the mess!

15 Nov

Love the look of glittery ornaments but hate the mess they make every time you pull them out?  I made some easy hand-made glittery ornaments that took no time at all.  Only 3 easy steps!  Just learn from my mistake and have paper towel handy and put newspaper down before you begin.  The process of making them can be a bit messy!


-Glass Ball Ornaments (on sale NOW at Michael’s for $5!)
-2 Containers of some sort (use a cup, the square dish wasn’t so hot)

Step 1: Squirt some glue in your container and add a little water so it is runny enough to pour.  Mix thoroughly so there are no lumps (you might not want to use your kitchen spoon like I did, try a popsicle stick instead).

Step 2:  Take the cap off the ornament and pour some glue inside.  Swirl the glue around so the entire inside of the ornament is coated.  Poor out the excess back into the container.

Step 3:  Pour some glitter into the ornament and swirl around until the inside of the ornament is thoroughly covered in glitter.  Pour out the excess.  Do this over the second container so you can catch the glitter and put it back in the jar.  Voila!  You’re done!  See, told you it was easy!

Tutorial #2: “Genie” Bag

11 Nov

I learned this technique a long time ago from  I simplified it slightly because, well, it’s easier and faster, particularly when you’re making a truckload of these bags for say, a craft show.  I will not take all the credit for this idea, so here’s the origianl link.


-Brown Lunch Bags
-Patterned paper
-Paper trimmer
-Hole punch (I used my “Cropadile” oooh, fancy)

Step 1: Cut top of bag off to desired size.  I chose 7 inches because mine are designed to hold cards.

Step 2: Fold bottom of the bag back so both sides lay flat.

Step 3:  Cut two rectangles of paper to fit the size of the bag (you might want to make the length just a bit bigger).  Mine were 7 1/4″ x 5 1/4″.  Glue one rectangle to each side of the bag.

Step 4:  Punch two holes in the top of the bag all the way through both layers of the bag.  Thread a piece of ribbon (or two) through the holes and knot each end to secure

Step 5:  You can make your bag fancier if you wish by adding embellishments, stamps, stickers, ribbon and anything else you can think of.  Otherwise, you can just fill with goodies and enjoy!  See how easy that was?

First Tutorial: Glass Christmas Ornaments

10 Nov

I spent this afternoon making some beautiful ornaments in between rocking and nursing baby boy.  This is an easy beginner project that looks great and takes next to no time to complete.   Here’s how to start:


-glass ornaments
-several sheets of double sided paper
-paper trimmer
-measuring tape
-Terrifically Tacky Tape

Step 1:

Measure the circumference of your ornament.  This is how long you will need to make the paper strips.  Mine was 9 1/2 inches around.

Step 2:

Cut double sided paper into 3/8″ strips.  Cut to be slightly larger than the circumference of your ornament.  I cut mine to be 3/8″ x 9 3/4″.

Then adhere strips of Terrifically Tacky Tape.  Be careful when you stick the tape to the paper, it really is “terrifically tacky”.  Be sure to alternate which side of the paper you stick the tape to.  You want 3 of one design, and 3 of the other.

Step 3:

Remove cap of ornament.  Adhere strip of paper around the very centre of the ornament.  Carefully peel back some of the backing of the tape and inch your way along, making sure to keep the paper straight.

Adhere first design in 3rds around the ball.  Then adhere the reverse design in the gaps.

Step 4:

Put cap back on the ornament and enjoy!  Feel free to play around with patterns and designs.  Have fun!