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Craft Show

23 Nov

I had lots of fun at the craft show and met lots of great people.  We didn’t get as much traffic as we were hoping, but it was successful overall.  Many people stopped to talk and flip through the catalogue and took business cards and order instructions.  I expect to be quite busy over the next week or so.  Here are some fun pics from the craft show.

Because of the popularity of the craft show pricing, I will be extending the special discount through until December 1.  Order quickly if you want to take advantage of these special prices.  Christmas is coming on very quickly now, so order your Christmas cards soon!

Also look out for Do-It-Yourself projects coming very soon.


Special Craft Show Pricing!

18 Nov

Visit me at the craft show in Milton this weekend and take advantage of special craft show pricing!  I will be at Jade Gardens and Greenhouses on Saturday, November 20 from 9-5.  http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-community-events-Craft-Show-Sale-FREE-admission-W0QQAdIdZ240543721 I will be offering pre-printed ready made cards and advent calendars and I will be taking orders for custom designed photo cards.  I also have themed packages burned onto cds which include a selection of 5 cards in Christmas or Birthday themes.  Don’t worry, I’ll have my laptop with me so I can burn a custom package to cd or any ready made cards you like.  Hope to see you there!  Take a sneak peak at our special pricing for the show:

Custom Designed Photo Card                    Regularly $15.00        Now $12.00
Special Requests                                        Regularly $20.00        Now $15.00
Ready Made Photo Card (pre-printed)       Regularly $2.00          Now 3 for $2.00
Ready Made Photo Card (on CD)               Regularly $5.00          Now $3.00
Advent Calendar                                        Regularly $5.00          Now $3.00
Themed Package (5 cards on CD)              Regularly $15.00        Now $12.00
Handmade Bags                                        Free with Purchase or $0.25

As a bonus, anyone who orders cards between November 19 and November 21 can take advantage of these great craft show prices.  Simply email me at cupofteaphotocards@hotmail.com or visit my website http://cupofteaphotocards.webs.com/

Themed Packages Are Here!

9 Nov

I spent this evening making CDs of my themed packages.  I used my label kit to make them pretty and now they’re ready to sell at the craft show.  Of course, I’ll bring my laptop so I can make custom themed packages, but with no power, my battery isn’t going to last long.

Turns out making a catalogue ain’t cheap

8 Nov

I spent hours upon hours diligently making a catalogue to bring to the Craft Show.  I think it looks pretty fantastic.  So I went to get it printed today.  Holy moly!  I was not expecting it to be that expensive.  Then again, it’s a 26 page catalogue, what did I expect?  At any rate, the catalogue is printed, and a whole host of Christmas and Birthday cards are printed and ready for sale, complete with matching envelopes.  Only a few things left to do to prepare (I know, it’s still two weeks away, but I’m a very busy mommy).  I’m working on cd’s of themed package cards, some do-it-yourself projects to design and print and some signs to create.  Here’s hoping my show is a success, or I’m out a truckload of money!

First Craft Show!

27 Oct

I’ve entered my first craft show!  It is on November 20, 2010 from 9-5 at Jade Gardens and Greenhouses in Milton, ON.  I will have plenty of ready made cards and packages for purchase as well as an opportunity to put in your orders for custom designed photo cards.  It’s a perfect time to get those Christmas cards ordered in time to send out!  Check out the details on my facebook page.  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=126025144113159