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I’ve Gone Giveaway Crazy!

19 Jan

A good friend of mine contacted me and asked me if I wanted to do a giveaway for her blog.  I said “Yes Please!”  So we set it up, and in less than 8 hours, we had it up and running!  I will be giving away 3 custom designed photo cards to 3 lucky winners (1 card per winner).  They can be anything the winner chooses and entry is as simple as going to my website and selecting something you really like!  There are also 6 additional ways to enter!  Thats 7 chances to get your name in the draw for 3 prizes!

How do you win?  The first step is to visit my friend’s blog. http://www.ourgrowinggarden.com/ Then follow the directions to enter your name in the giveaway!  It’s easy, I promise.

PS.  I’m doing my own giveaway on twitter, so if you don’t already follow me on twitter, come and join me.  I’ll be giving away a photo card when I reach 150 followers!  And from the looks of it, that’s soon!